Video: Grimes, “Genesis”

Grimes’ video for “Genesis” begins like Burning Man meets David Lynch’s ominous late night drive scenes but, ultimately, there’s a lot more going on in this self-directed clip. A number of characters appear, mostly played by Grimes, all highlighting some faction of rave style. One version of Grimes wears a large snake, another wields a spiked flail, but all of them look appropriately suited to be hanging out while she fairy whispers.

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  1. myjestik says:

    everything grimes has done has been awesome

  2. dray says:

    let’s bang grimes

  3. VinnieBoombatz says:

    Die Antwoord does it better.

  4. I’m, like, into this video — like probably more than I am into Grimes, sui generis — and so I am a little sad that mostly all I can think of while I’m watching it is how short she is.

  5. Strawberry says:

    This video fucking pales in comparison to Vanessa and especially Oblivion. There’s no legitimate content here. It’s an insipid endless scrolling tumblr in youtube form. Why should we value this? Seriously feel like I’m watching four friends with really warped ideas of their own self importance embarking on a journey to some hippie rave ala burning man. It’s not empowering, insightful, nor interesting like her previous videos were.
    I guess as a fan of Grimes and her other videos I’m just disappointed to see something so shallow and one dimensional. It’s a red flag in an emerging artists career to me. The last thing we need is an incredibly talented woman wasting her creativity and individuality feeding into the machine of ‘cool, hip, and trendy.’ You’re better than that Claire Boucher. You have more to say than ‘I’M A COOOOOOOOL SPECTACLE. ME ME ME!!!!.’ Oookay but im waaaay too serious about this right now sorry. Im still r00ting for you Grimesy. luv, strawberry.

  6. dray says:

    ugh, lighten up


  7. Kyle says:

    You totes hold the right to your own opinion… but… This video is pretty much one of the best ones she has put out.. Club kids, Vogueing, on X for all we know.. It speaks out to the youth of today! haha! At least It’s not some bullshit about money or women/men or any crazy reality… Its just grimes.. fuckin shit up…