Interview: 2NE1

After the K-pop group 2NE1’s World Tour stopover in New Jersey, the four girls stopped by FADER offices—along with four makeup artists, three publicists, bag handlers, a film crew and two tall and well-dressed drivers—to talk international school, their concert wardrobe designer Jeremy Scott and frozen yogurt.

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  1. FART says:

    No more K-Pop coverage please. I know it’s great for SEO but…

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  5. LOVE this coverage of 2NE1! They’re more than “Kpop”, their music is mostly hip-hop as are the majority of the artists under the YG Entertainment label. More coverage please, and don’t forget about Big Bang!

  6. Chocobo Pie says:

    2NE1′s concert was an AMAZING good time and I hope they get popular in the US… not just with kpop fans like me, but I hope the casual american music fan can appreciate them!

  7. abra007top says:

    These girls are amazing and what a cute little interview. Love hearing their great english. These fabulous ladies just made history last week by being the first Asian group to sell out the LA Live Nokia Theatre that seats 7,100 people. They also had that concert all to themselves and held the audiences enthusiasm for 2.5 hours all by themselves without an opening act or anything. They are amazing and this is only the first of many articles/interviews people will be seeing from them here in the US. Go Blackjacks! Go 2ne1!

  8. CECE says:

    I think this was such a good video of them. You covered more than just the “2NE1, best ever” kind of thing, you brought out their personalities. :D thanks!

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  10. Hee says:

    I really enjoy reading this interview!! 2NE1 is really beyond k-pop and I can’t wait to hear their English songs!!

  11. jenny says:

    oh man those gifs are GOLD

    and oh CL…

  12. Desi says:

    Adorable as always. So lovely to hear the other girls (besides CL) speak English too. These are the kind of positive pop music stars that deserve their worldwide audience!

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  17. Kimberly says:

    I love 2NE1 thanks for this awesomeness! Plus the GIF’s lol! Oh and I def. suggest you check these four guys out, they did a cover of 2NE1′s “I LOVE YOU” in english!

    thanks, ps. Bom’s english is so cute!