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Video: Deptford Goth, "Life After Defo"

UK producer/singer Deptford Goth, whose publicity shots once only showed the back of his head, has spun the chair toward the camera with the new video for "Life After Defo," the vulnerable single from his forthcoming debut album. I'm not 100 percent on this, but my theory is that "Defo" in the title means "definitely," as in "life that's newly unsure." When the drums drop out for the chorus and the video's frame fills with kicking arms and flapping legs, the mood is hopelessly adrift, but the plaintive lyrics—overlaid onscreen, almost karaoke style—and Deptford Goth's doleful voice guide you to safety: Don't know where you are, just backgrounds floating/ Next one isn't far, keep tight to many people. Love that last phrase. For more, read Kim Taylor Bennett's Dollars to Pounds interview with Deptford Goth.

Video: Deptford Goth, "Life After Defo"