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Vinyl Williams, "Harmonious Change" MP3

Vinyl Williams, a Los Angeles-based musician and collage artist, self-released Lemniscate last year, an album full of dream-pop washes and kraut-inspired rhythms. Its pummeling lead singles "Higher Worlds" and "Stellarscope" made a few minor waves on the Internet, but the 22-year-old will undoubtedly cast a wider net now that London's No Pain In Pop is doing a proper re-issue in tandem with Williams' own imprint, Salonislam. "Harmonious Change" is a melodically spiraling bonus track that appears only on the CD version, and it's full of minor-key mystery and sounds a bit like an outtake from an Italo-horror soundtrack grafted on top of a motorik beat. Leminscate won't be available until November 12th, but a dip into Williams' online archives is highly recommended. His collages feel sort of like what might happen if Alejandro Jodorowsky and Hieronymus Bosch had a y-generation brainchild.

Download: Vinyl Williams, "Harmonious Change"

Vinyl Williams, "Harmonious Change" MP3