Stream: Matmos, “Very Large Green Triangles (Schwarz Mix)”


“Very Large Green Triangles,” the latest single from Baltimore electronic duo Matmos, starts off small and hesitant, with a little minor key piano and a hummed refrain. Glitchy beats and the sound of full choir slowly increase the momentum, and before you know it, you’re standing in the path of a massive instrumental pop song that sounds a bit like the refrain Coolio copped from Stevie Wonder in “Gangsta’s Paradise.” It’s amazing how it gets so big so fast. The song is off the band’s new Ganzfeld EP, which was allegedly inspired by a series of videotaped, psychological “experiments” that member Drew Daniel conducted in Baltimore and at Oxford University.” (Subjects, blindfolded and listening to white noise, were asked to free-associate ideas, images, and melodies for the album as Daniel attempted to psychically “transmit” the concept of the record to them). It’s unclear how exactly Matmos converted those trials into this track, but the results are certainly catchy enough to take a leading role in this airhorn-crazy, Baltimore club style mix by local producer Schwarz. Proceeds from the track’s purchase on Bandcamp will go to the Maryland Food Bank, and The Ganzfeld EP is out October 16th on Thrill Jockey, who also have a new Matmos full-length, The Marriage of True Minds, slated for early 2013.

Stream: Matmos, “Very Large Green Triangles (Schwarz Mix)”

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