100s, “My Activator” MP3


Producer Joe Wax has worked with a variety of Bay Area rappers. His most recent project, which has The Doggfather-style cover art, is with Berkeley, California rapper 100s. Entitled Ice Cold Perm, it’s a diverse record, but an easy standout is leadoff “My Activator.” The song’s icy, atmospheric keys give it a reverberating, dreamlike feel, while a memorable, melodic chorus ties things together. Don’t miss the video for another album cut, “Slow Drip,” below.

Download: 100s, “My Activator” (Prod. by Joe Wax)

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  1. Iso says:

    This is what i like

  2. Jew says:

    100s man to the top

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  4. Andrew says:

    bay rap is killin it right now

  5. constructive criticism man says:

    I’d love to see write ups with less banal sentences as “The song’s icy, atmospheric keys give it a reverberating, dreamlike feel, while a memorable, melodic chorus ties things together.” zzz

  6. David says:

    its just a blog post.

  7. non constructive criticism man says:

    Damn! #shotsfired

    Was hoping you would write more vividly rather than blame your boring writing on it just being a “blog post.” That’s a terrible excuse for journalism, if you feel proud enough of this music that you’re posting it, you should write with just as much pride.

    your writing is really boring, make it more interesting for me to read.

  8. aaron says:

    ^^ man.. you “ice cold”! why dont you write the damn article then? ^^

  9. David Drake says:

    this isn’t journalism. this is a blog post. i post songs i like and write brief descriptions. if you don’t like the writing, simply don’t read it.

  10. i'm baaaaaaaack, because i read another bad article from you says:

    @aaron, I could easily write a better article given the chance to write for the Fader. Obviously David is not seizing the opportunity. I like 100s, and I could write an article 100s of times better (Buh dum shh)


    1) Instead of just describing the song, why don’t you describe and explain your experience with the song. How it makes you feel, what were the emotions that motivated you to write a post about it. It’s not just a “memorable, melodic chorus” it’s a chorus that makes you sit in your office chair muttering the lyrics under your breath and bob your head. Just that paints a picture in my head. “memorable, melodic chorus” illustrates nothing to me.

    2) This is a blog post for a music & culture magazine. Blogging is an aspect of journalism. Have you even read one post by Sam Hockley-Smith? That dude writes AMAZING blog posts. Instead of blaming your bad writing on semantics become a BETTER WRITER. Also, instead of telling me to ignore something bad, why don’t you just make something good…

    The Fader. Please, this dude doesn’t know how to write. He just mainly posts Bay Area/California rap and writes a bunch of adjectives. This dude needs some lessons in a) learning to take criticism b) learning to write better. Please have a talk with this dude. Totally absurd…