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Stream Matt Carlson's Album All Moments

There's this place in Seattle called the Science Center that I took for granted growing up. Basically the idea was science FOR KIDS!!!! So there was a bunch of stuff you could do with bubbles, a wall that when you jumped would take a picture of your shadow and imprint it for a couple minutes, and even a ramp that messed with perspective so when you were walking down, it felt like you were going uphill. Pretty basic stuff, but also sort of mindblowing if you're a kid. Matt Carlson’s All Moments taps into some of that simple childlike wonder. Synths blossom and fold on themselves, and there's a perpetual sense of friendliness to the music. The album's out September 18th on NNA Tapes, but you can listen to the whole thing right now below.

Stream: Matt Carlson, All Moments

Stream Matt Carlson's Album All Moments