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Jhene Aiko, "3:16AM" (Kid Smpl Remix) MP3


A lot of the time, when an up-and-coming producer decides to remix, say, an R&B artist, it just seems like a weird idea, because usually that artist already has a bunch of forward thinking producers in their stable. Kid Smpl wisely takes an alternate route, re-imagining Jhene Aiko’s "3:16AM" as a barely-there collection of muffled sounds and percussion that sounds like it was recorded in a distant hallway. It's basically unrecognizable, which is fine. Kid Smpl is using Jhene Aiko's original as a stylistic jumping-off point, a mood setter that would be a great soundtrack to plenty of restless nights.

Download: Jhene Aiko, "3:16AM" (Kid Smpl Remix)

Jhene Aiko, "3:16AM" (Kid Smpl Remix) MP3