Levek, “Girl In The Fog” MP3


The official bio of Levek, an Orlando group helmed by mult-instrumentalist and former school bus driver David Levesque, describes the band’s layered psychedelia as “Mickey Mouse tribal,” but some of the best moments are their most spare. Unlike the more complex recent tracks “French Lessons” and “Black Mold Grow,” which are streaming below it, “Girl In The Fog” is happily restrained, a mossy track of well-worn guitar and cello evoking great early-’70s folk. The second verse starts with a slow bass note and Ask him if she ever faded away from his thoughts long ago, a finely phrased line but more importantly, one immaculately sung. Download “Girl In The Fog” below, and beneath it check out those two other songs from Look A Little Closer, out September 25th via Lefse and up for preorder now.

Download: Levek, “Girl In The Fog”

Download: Levek, “French Lessons”

Stream: Levek, “Black Mold Grow”

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  2. David Levesque says:

    From one David Levesque to another, this music is great! I love the gentle folk/psych vibe of Girl In The Fog as well as the other worldliness of French Lessons. Reminds of great stuff like Stereolab and Free Design. I will be buying this.

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