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Interview: Ducktails and Franco Falsini

If you've ever zeroed in on Matt Mondanile's guitar playing in Ducktails, you may have noticed that it sounds an awful lot like Franco Falsini's in pioneering '70s prog band Sensations' Fix, from the lightly burnished patina to the druggy, floating phrases. When the 60-something Italian legend stopped off in New York this summer, we couldn't resist the opportunity to get Mondanile in the same room as one of his professed musical heros. In our Fader TV interview at The Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, Mondanile gets Falsini talking about the origins of "progressive" as a genre tag and Interactive Test, the house and techno label that he ran in the early '90s. Music Is Painting in the Air, a compilation of previously unheard and newly re-mixed Sensations' Fix tracks from the years 1974 to 1977, is out today on RVNG Intl.. To celebrate, the Brooklyn imprint has just released this luminous, black-and-white music video for "Dark Side Of Religion."

Interview: Ducktails and Franco Falsini