Video: M.I.C., “Same Shit, Different Day”

Tensions have been high on Chicago’s South Side lately, says cinematographer DGainz, who shot this video for Lil Chris and West Side-based group M.I.C.. A change of scene may be one of the reasons DGainz worked on the clip, but the major reason is that the guys of M.I.C. are talented. Deggzy Beatz-produced “Same Shit, Different Day” has a serene, reflective sound, emphasizing the melodicism that seems so much a part of the city’s current movement. M.I.C.’s tape Next2Blow dropped recently, and it’s one of the strongest Chicago releases in some time. In addition to Lil Chris’ solo cut, tracks like “K-Town Playground” and Mikey Dollaz feature “All We Know is Drill” show the group’s range.

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  1. Tyrone Davis says:

    When yall gonna stop promoting this ignorant music?

  2. David Drake says:

    when it’s no longer the most interesting music being made.

  3. Roly says:

    ultimate respect for that reply @david drake

  4. This is a beautiful song. Is Lil Chris pregnant though?

  5. Imagine what it would be like to be pregnant?