Fashion’s Night Out with Icona Pop

Very curious as to whether or not the city of Manhattan will continue to put on the shit-show that is Fashion’s Night Out, which pretty much seems like the most willfully destructive event to ever hit Soho. It’s a testament to Icona Pop’s indefatigable Swedish cheer that they remained perky and optimistic despite being carted through the throngs to several in-store events (a DJ set at Helmut Lang, an in-store performance at Urban Outfitters) without ever losing their cool. The tweens that trucked out from New Jersey with their dads (<3) to see Icona Pop blow apart the basement level at Urban was downright heartwarming, and gave me a little kick in my step as I fled the riots on Broadway. I kinda didn't care that I had to walk twenty minutes out of my way to get a train; I kinda loved it.

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  1. mike_d says:

    Ha ha, I knew from the hair cut they had to have lived in London. New York though seems like one big giant open air shopping mall devoid of anything that isn’t based around commercially…which is fine but sooooo boring.

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