Video: Main Attrakionz f. DaVinci, “Do It For The Bay”

On first watch, it feels a little strange that Main Attrakionz and DaVinci have managed to put together a good song and video that celebrates their Bay Area home. It’s not that they shouldn’t love where they live, it’s just that these dudes have made names for themselves as artists frustrated by their limitations, straining against a world they didn’t necessarily ask to be part of. On most of his solo material DaVinci seems sad but accepting, while Main Attrakionz have perfected a depressed croak. “Do It for The Bay,” produced by Harry Fraud, works, though, and it works for all the reasons that their other, downer material does as well. The song is still warm and lush, full of barely concealed enthusiasm, just half smiles and a soft-edged sweetness taking the place of anger and resignation.

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    GREEN OVA 2013