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Palmbomen, "Black Safari" MP3

photographer Nick Lapien

Though Palmbomen’s "Black Safari" is a new song, there's a certain aged quality to it, like it was recorded to cassette and somehow transferred to VHS and then left to sit in the sun for a solid six to eight years. But it's a subtle degradation, looping distant vocals over tropical synths and tiny lazer pings. At the same time, though, it's futuristic, the same way that a science fiction film from the ’70s is futuristic. It melds all sorts of, in this case, musical ideas together in ways you wouldn't expect to create a retro sound that hasn't really existed yet. It's also weirdly beautiful, organic and warm.

Download: Palmbomen, "Black Safari"

Posted: October 08, 2012
Palmbomen, "Black Safari" MP3