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Stream: Dan Friel, "Exoskeleton"


In advance of his upcoming Total Folklore LP, former Parts & Labor noise bro Dan Friel has an 4-track EP coming out on Thrill Jockey. The overdriven synth on "Exoskeleton" sounds almost scream-like over the b-side's mechanical backbone, but not nearly as much as when he performs the whole thing live, as you can see in this video of his set at the Thrill Jockey 20-year anniversary party at Ram's Head Live in Baltimore last month. Valedictorian / Exoskeleton includes the two title tracks as well as remixes by Peaking Lights and Moss of Aura, and is out October 16th.

Stream: Dan Friel, "Exoskeleton"

Posted: October 08, 2012
Stream: Dan Friel, "Exoskeleton"