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Stream: Times New Viking, "Sleep-In"


A couple years ago, I spent a large portion of my income on 7-inches. I loved the format. I loved how people would just get a scrappy group together and record their best two or so songs, and I loved that those two songs might be the only two songs they ever recorded. A few minutes of tight songwriting made permanent on vinyl. Over time, 7-inches got kind of exhausting. Singles, in general, got exhausting. The internet seems to make everything a single. Possibly as a reaction, my listening habits began to skew more toward listening to full LPs but for whatever reason, over the last couple weeks, I've started to love the concept of the single again. Here, Times New Viking—who are a great singles band and who used to sound a lot scuzzier—take advantage of the format with the tight, punchy "Sleep-In." It's over before you know it, but you can always listen again. "Sleep-In" comes from Times New Viking's upcoming Over & Over EP on Wichita and Siltbreeze November 13th.

Stream: Times New Viking, "Sleep-In"

Posted: October 08, 2012
Stream: Times New Viking, "Sleep-In"