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Art Show: Takeshi Murata

One of the more ridiculous things in the digital prints in Takeshi Murata's new show Synthesizers is a ship in a Gatorade bottle. The bottle, though created in a digital universe, is picture-perfect, maybe even more so, if that is possible. The small home scenes in the show, at Salon 94 gallery through October 20th, are dotted with slightly skewed details like this, most of them funny, like a broken down bike dragged home or a toppled chessboard. Murata, maybe best known for the "data mosh" video technique he developed and which Kanye West aped in his "Welcome to Heartbreak" video, has mostly turned to still life here, pristinely and precisely crafting odd universes. He walked us through the show, touching on both how and why he does what he does.

Art Show: Takeshi Murata