Download a Remastered Version of Italians Do It Better’s After Dark Compilation


It went relatively unnoticed, but earlier this week over at the Italians Do It Better website, Glass Candy/Chromatics producer Johnny Jewel posted a remastered version of his label’s seminal first compilation After Dark for free. If you’re not familiar, the thing caused (or rode the wave of, depending on where you’re standing) an entire italo disco resurgence, but with a darker, sleeker sound. Much of After Dark is beautiful, but the compilation also does a great job of introducing us to an entire world of late night dance classics-in-the-making. There’s also plenty of early Chromatics material here. As much as I love their recent album Kill For Love (a whole lot), their earlier records had a much more homemade quality to them, like every song they wrote was just for one person listening to it and no one else.

Download: Italians Do It Better, After Dark

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  1. Prill Prill says:

    One of the best comps of all time. PORTLAND. Glass Candy is so slept on.