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Zomby, "Devils" MP3

Sometimes it feels likeZomby casually throws songs out into the world just to prove that he can. At this point, the dude is known for his, um, internet presence as much as he is for blowing apart everyone's expectations for what he might do. Last year's Dedication was fragile and introspective, but "Devils" feels like the polar opposite—wrangling, just barely, furious clusters of drums. It's ultimately a simple song—potentially a sketch more than a fully fleshed out track—but considering the fact that Zomby could very easily drop three albums on us by Christmas if he felt like it (it seems he'll be putting out a new LP and and EP on 4AD sometime in the future), part of the fun is getting a window into his creative process and and a look at where he might pull from next.

Download: Zomby, "Devils" (via Self Titled)

Zomby, "Devils" MP3