Stream: Holy Other, “Held” (Tim Hecker Remix)


It’d be a stretch to call Tim Hecker accessible, but his remix of Holy Other’s “Held” hits all the grandiose, so-pretty-it-hurts-to-listen-to high notes that great soundtracks hit. This isn’t a call for Hecker to soundtrack the next Braveheart or whatever, but there’s a good chance that when you were in college—or maybe you’re in college now—you knew/know that one kid really into soundtracks. Like maybe he used to get blazed on the floor while jamming John Carpenter’s best, or maybe he was just into that one Kronos Quartet piece that got used in Requiem for a Dream and Lord of the Rings. You know the type. Maybe a person learning about Aimee Mann through the soundtrack for Magnolia isn’t as common as I’m think. Whatever the case, Hecker turns Holy Other’s thick and stifling “Held” into a windswept, colossal track. IIn lieu of the movie epic foreground, you might as well just throw on some headphones and pretend you live in the heart of a big-budget Hollywood moment. Dorm room weed optional.

Stream: Holy Other, “Held” (Tim Hecker Remix)

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