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Philip Glass, "Montage" (Tim Hecker Remix) MP3


Who would ever have expected so much Tim Hecker in such rapid succession? Definitely not me. The guy's music doesn't exactly scream out for piecemeal internet postings of songs he's made recently, but it's working. Let's go with it! A little while ago, Hecker uploaded his shelved remix of Philip Glass' "Montage" that was meant to be on the recently released, Beck-curated Rework: Philip Glass Remixed compilation, in which Glass' music was remixed by a younger set of artists. Hecker's version of "Montage" isn't on the record, but it's a great listen, taking all the gorgeous business and repetition that Glass does so well, and adding in glitchy landscapes and eroding melodies. It's still plenty pretty, and Hecker makes it his own while still paying homage to the original.

Download: Philip Glass, "Montage" (Tim Hecker Remix) (via Tim Hecker)

Philip Glass, "Montage" (Tim Hecker Remix) MP3