Stream: King Krule, “Octopus” (Ratking Remix)


There’s a lot of just below the surface similarities between King Krule and New York rap crew Ratking, mostly it’s that their music all exists in this haze of song sketches and half-formed ideas that work as part of the song as much as they expose the architecture of it. For King Krule’s “Octopus,” which is a beautiful, downer of a track, the Ratking dudes add in harder drums and the most focused iteration of their blunted-on-the-stoop rapping—finding truth in the bottom of a beer while also selling dime bags. Though it’s not the happiest song ever, this remix feels vital, like a bunch of young kids got together to make something that captures the secret aimlessness of being young and bored in a major city.

Stream: King Krule, “Octopus” (Ratking Remix)

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  1. Alex Yates says:

    Dudes kill it so hard. Krule kills it sooo hard