Download Bear in Heaven’s FADER Mix

October 23, 2012

Brooklyn's Bear in Heaven heads out on tour tonight, and to celebrate they've finely-crafted this FADER mix. Like their own intense, psychedelic brand of music, it's full of tracks from the far-out reaches of techno and krautrock, hitting a bizarre high-point halfway in with a sample from Experiencers, a documentary about people who've supposedly encountered aliens. Download the mix below, followed by a statement from the band's leader Jon Philpot, a tracklist and tour dates.

Download: Bear in Heaven's FADER Mix

You lose work, you find work, somebody steals your stuff, you sell some stuff to replace the stolen stuff. In the course of change, a hole is formed and then filled. It could be there for a second or you could stand at the precipice for years. For better or worse, Bear in Heaven is always changing. Some bands don't change, often out of a desire to keep their listeners. We're of the mind that we shouldn't fight nature's ever-shifting sands. At this point time, the ground is caving in. We're years away from who we were when Beast Rest Forth Mouth came out and one year away from when we finished I Love You, it's Cool. This mixtape is the sound of us deciding whether we should start filling the hole or just dive in. It might be fun, we might not hit bottom. We might fly to the other side of this strange dimension. Will you let us do it? Will you join us? We're playing some shows in October and December. Come see us stand on the edge. In the meantime, enjoy this mix. It's filled with music by our friends, people we'd like to be friends with and sounds from the road.

Cex - Enter Carter
Kyoka - Hadue
Factory Floor - Lying
Andrew Pekler - Misty Blue
Craig Leon - Donkeys
Alpha Wave Movement - Beacon 2
Oblio - Factory Of Reincarnation
Invisible Conga People - Cant Feel My Knees
Andrew Fitzpatrick - Coyote Prism
Bear In Heaven - Kiss Me Crazy (Certain Creatures Remix)
Diamond Age - Opening Credits
Bear In Heaven - Greece Sun
Harold Budd - Wanderer

Tour Dates:
10.24 - Johnny Brenda's - Philadelphia, PA * !
10.25 - College of William And Mary - Williamsburg, VA *
10.26 - Moogfest - Asheville, NC #
10.27 - MOTR Pub - Cincinnati, OH *
10.28 - Brillobox - Pittsburgh, PA *
10.29 - Black Cat Backstage - Washington, DC *
12.05 - Music Hall of Williamsburg - New York, NY * $
12.07-12.09 - All Tomorrow's Parties By The National - Camber Sands Holiday Camp, UK
* with ERAAS
! with Pink Skull
# with Miike Snow, Squarepusher, Explosions In The Sky
$ with Small Black

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Download Bear in Heaven’s FADER Mix