Michelle Williams Stars in Video For Wild Nothing’s “Paradise”

While I’m half bewildered and cannot help feeling bittersweet about just how popular Wild Nothing has become, I just need to get over it, because this music is insanely likable and everyone should love it. Even Michelle Williams! And really, if I were to pool a bevy of young pretty things to play the lead in a Wild Nothing video, she would surely be on my short list (actually, wracking my brain now to think of who else I might choose…coming up short.) In summary, Michelle Williams is the only actress I would choose to play in a Wild Nothing video, and apparently her friend, director Matthew Amato, and lead singer Jack Tatum agree. In the video, Williams travels on a plane and reads a passage from Iris Murdoch’s A Word Child that chiefly lists the latin conjugations of the verb “to love.” It’s pretty and wistful, just like this song.

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