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Stream: Jessica Pratt, "Night Faces"

If you're anywhere in your mid to late 20s or older, you've probably got that friend that spent a solid year or so being completely obsessed with Bob Dylan and/or the New York folk movement. It makes total sense—it's an era very much worth romanticizing, and a lot of the music is great to listen to. After a while though, you start wondering if that friend is just going to keep living in the past. The answer to that question is that yes they are, and that's okay. On some level: their loss! On other levels, they've kind of got it figured out. As far as hushed folk jams with a faint trace of bite go, they've found the jackpot. But still, someone like Jessica Pratt comes along and makes the concept of only listening to records that came out before you were born seem pretty close minded. "Night Faces" is hushed and mysterious. It sounds like something you'd find while digging through a bunch of old folk records that all look great but maybe you know nothing about. Her debut record is out now on Birth Records. It's not old.

Stream: Jessica Pratt, "Night Faces" (via Pitchfork)

Stream: Jessica Pratt, "Night Faces"