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November 06, 2012

In December, the British teen team behind Bondax head over for their first North American shows, starting with a Brooklyn date of Star Slinger's international Jet Jam tour, then bouncing around for two weeks. To celebrate, they've put together this very smooth FADER mix, opening with their unreleased track "Wet Summer" and swimming through a number of exclusives. Check out their new remix for Rudimental as well, then read a short interview with the group. Tracklist and a tour flyer are beneath it all.

Download: Bondax's FADER Mix

Stream: Rudimental, "Not Giving In (Bondax Remix)"

Star Slinger picked you for his big Jet Jam tour. How's that going? We've only played one Jet Jam and it was a really fun show. It was in Slovenia and the first time we got to hang out with Star Slinger. We will be playing with him again at the London Jet Jam on November 16th. We are also really looking forward to Brooklyn to play with both Star Slinger and Sweater Beats, who we signed to our label but haven't actually met yet!

What competitions between the two of you would have guaranteed outcomes? In terms of FIFA, George generally comes out on top, but Adam’s definitely getting better. Adam is great at impressions, he would definitely win at that if someone can devise a competition for it. George would win in a football match and probably at a timed speed test of peeling and eating oranges. 

What's the last dream you had? Something about swimming through a series of different cereals into a bowl of milk the size of an ocean that tasted like all my mates hair. 

And what's your actual dream in life these days? Right now we are just concentrating in the studio to try and make the most interesting music we can. We're excited about traveling the world and making an album next year. Our longer term goals aren't really on our mind right now as things seem to be moving really fast and I think we just need to enjoy the journey. We're having a lot of fun right now and hopefully people will continue to enjoy our music enough to allow us to keep doing this. 

Bondax - Wet Summer [unreleased]
Giraffage - Moments [self release]
Transmission Collective - Lex [Transmission Audio Recordings]
Maribou State - Summerfolds [Southern Fried]
Jonas Rathsman - Since I Don't Have You [French Express]
Medla - Anything [unreleased]
TCTS - 1997 [Justus]
Karma Kid - Untitled [unreleased]
Sweater Beats - MLLNDLLR [Justus]
MMOTHS - Folding [unreleased]
Wild Belle - It's Too Late (Snakehips Remix) [Columbia]
Bondax - All Inside [unreleased]
Brand New Heavies - Sometimes [Delicious Vinyl]
Snakehips - Days With You [unreleased]
Bondax - It's You [Justus]
Bondax - Baby I Got That [Justus]

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Download Bondax’s FADER Mix