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Video: Empress Of, "Champagne"

Brooklyn-based artist Lorely Rodriguez makes layered, visual electronic music as Empress Of. Last month, she released a handful of demos that she calls "colourminutes"—woozy song fragments that tease you by ending abruptly just as you're about to be swallowed whole by the sound. Her first fully-formed tracks appear on a debut 7-inch, which is out now on No Recordings. The juicy video for the A-side, "Champagne," starts with striking, split-screen close-ups of Rodriguez eating a watermelon. By the time the ethereal guitars come in about halfway through, the clip becomes as weird and disorienting as the song itself. Watch the video, directed by Samuel Morris Hamad, and listen to the delicate, heartbreaking B-side "Don't Tell Me" below.

Stream: Empress Of, "Don't Tell Me"

Video: Empress Of, "Champagne"