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Steve Hauschildt, "Constant Reminders" MP3


Emeralds, the group that Steve Hauschildt is part of, recently released Just To Feel Anything. It's certainly their most straightforward, least contemplative album, and it will probably make some of their fans angry. Who knows! Change is...good? Change is change, and you can't really fault them for wanting to try new stuff. Hauschildt has also been experimenting with his solo work—moving from new agey, glittering drone to what is going on with "Constant Reminders," which sounds like Hauschildt's warped take on something that halfway approaches pop and halfway approaches house. It's not pretty in the same way his other material has been pretty. Previous songs almost worked as paintings, enveloping you and encouraging you to zoom in on the details endlessly, where this works mostly as a breeze. Listen to it. Put it on again. Try to figure out what he's going for. Or don't. Part of the fun of "Constant Reminders" is that it's fun. Sequitur is out November 12th on Kranky.

Download: Steve Hauschildt, "Constant Reminders"

Steve Hauschildt, "Constant Reminders" MP3