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Video: King Krule, "Rock Bottom"

When I was a teenager, I remember being furious about having to get up early. It wasn't the actual act of getting up early, it was that school's expected us to be on top of our game even as our bodies were telling us to stay up super late, make mistakes, and generally learn how to be human beings. It's virtually impossible to live the life you want to live when you're 17, and waking up at the crack of dawn to go to school just felt like another massive road block. There's a scene in this video where Archy Marshall bka King Krule has his head down on a desk. It's not the bleakest scene in the video (how could it be? The song is called "Rock Bottom"), but it did bring me back to those rough, tired days. Marshall's ability to write these world-weary songs at such a young age is a pretty incredible skill. He's somehow able to tap into all that impotent youthful rage, but with the wisdom of someone much older. King Krule's latest 12-inch is out right now on Rinse.

Video: King Krule, "Rock Bottom"