Stream Tim Hecker and Oneohtrix Point Never’s Album Instrumental Tourist


On paper, there’s something viscerally appealing about improvisational music. The idea that a mostly unplanned collaboration between a few talented individuals could result in a boundary breaking new project is really exciting. Often, though, the results are mixed. The plot gets lost, songs meander, there’s a general aura of pointlessness surrounding everything. Tim Hecker and Dan Lopatin bka Oneohtrix Point Never manage to avoid any of that aimlessness entirely. Maybe it’s that the pair both specialize in making thick, moody pieces that are drenched in warm electronic buzz, or maybe they’re both just on to something great with this collaboration. Opening track “Uptown Psychedelia” is all creaks and harsh slashes of sterility, but it’s also weirdly serene and beautiful. That trend continues across the rest of the album. Instrumental Tourist, which is streaming in full over at NPR, is out November 20th on Software.

Stream: Tim Hecker and Oneohetrix Point Never’s Instrumental Tourist

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