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Video: Beach House, "Wild"

If your day started on a high note, you may want to save this Beach House video for a darker time, presumably when the sky turns grey and life seems pretty much pointless. Conversely, if you're feeling optimistic, you might also see this as a moving portrait of the big, messy pulse of life (and the dogged beat and soaring synth line of "Wild" really do feel devastating and ecstatic all at once). Set up as a series of vignettes, with a surprising dialogue spliced in between, "Wild" is a reminder that we are dark and violent creatures who seek solace (and often find it) in the small pleasures—in this case, tiny dogs and makeup sex. But even those rock-bottom moments that seem unending, do end, and maybe in that way, the general gloom is also the light at the end.

Video: Beach House, "Wild"