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Stream: Gunplay, "Drop"


Sometimes it feels like Rick Ross keeps dudes around him based on their ability to rap on the exact same beats he likes to rap over. This has worked out to varying degrees of success, but every time Gunplay gets on one of these gothic, tense piano beats, it sounds like he was not only born to rap over them, but that he's figured out a new angle to attack. Where Ross might bulldoze through something like "Drop," Gunplay stretches his voice out and then claps it back together in breathless runs of hoarse drug talk. Like most everything else he does, it's not for everyone, but if he manages to successfully combine rougher songs like this with the more introspective stuff he's been dabbling with lately, then his debut album will be a pretty complicated piece of work.

Stream: Gunplay, "Drop"

Posted: November 15, 2012
Stream: Gunplay, "Drop"