Zola Jesus Covers Rihanna’s “Diamonds”


A gift from Zola Jesus to all of us listening to Rihanna’s incredible new single who are not on the 777 tour. Shine bright like a diamond! They should duet this. This is great.

Stream: Zola Jesus, “Diamonds”

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  1. Michael says:

    I’m sorry, but this doesn’t even begin to compare to the clean, polished Rihanna version. The vocals are very poor. Technically speaking, the singer has issues that weren’t fixed in production – and many of them I don’t think can be fixed. It can’t compare to the Rihanna version nor does it depart from the Rihanna version enough to claim that it is an original take on the song. If this is an unofficially released “gift” to Zola fans, then it’s cute – it’s clearly homemade (?). But otherwise Having never listened to Zola before, I notice after listening to a few of her tracks that she depends on overproduction to avoid sounding like a mess. It’s her vocal technique…sounds like she’s drowning in three inches of water.

  2. giel says:

    hey bro i just dont think u ‘get it’ lol

  3. Junior says:

    Michael, dude, who gives a shit.