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Video: Moonface with Siinai, "Headed For The Door"

Leave it to Spencer Krug to make a breakup song into a seven minute epic with lyrics like and if you think the road is dangerous/ then of course it is/ you gotta listen for the cautionary roar. It's what he does: cramming proggy mystical ideas and stoney observations into traditional rock songs that give way to heartbreaking truths. He did it occasionally with Wolf Parade, he made a band out of it with Sunset Rubdown, and now with his more insular Moonface project, collaborating with Finnish band Siinai, he brings it to the forefront. "Headed For The Door" in its dense glory is a world-ender—one that commits to the idea of a breakup as actually meaning as much as you think it means in the moment. Appropriately, the video, directed by Marsha Balaeva, who potentially took some cues from Maya Deren at some point in life, features lots of desolate lovelorn imagery: a lighthouse, windswept seaside towns, a book with pages that just won't stop fluttering. Take what you want from this whole thing, but Krug can really squeeze truth out of dangerous roads and people burning so bright it's like he's willing them to catch fire.

Video: Moonface with Siinai, "Headed For The Door"