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Video: Ulrich Schnauss, "A Long Way To Fall"

A Long Way To Fall is Ulrich Schnauss' first solo release in six years and marks the artist's return to expansive, narrative-driven soundscapes. But unlike his electronic efforts from the ’90s, which tried to "interpret early shoegaze aesthetic into an electronic context," this one, he says, "celebrate[s] the synthesizer as the very capable musical instrument that it is, but without the need to disguise it behind a wall of echo and reverb." Even still, the title track does have a wall-of-sound impact that is as soothing as it is all-consuming, and paired with visuals from Nat Urazmetova, bka Hidden Shine (who will also be on tour with Schnauss when he sets out on tour this coming spring), it makes the quiet lapping of a dark sea have a deeply complementary calm foreboding. A Long Way To Fall will be out Feb 12th on Domino and Schnauss' own imprint, Scripted Realities.

Video: Ulrich Schnauss, "A Long Way To Fall"