Stream: Mind Over Mirrors, “Memorander”


As I’m writing this, there are drills jackhammering away directly outside my window. It’s an inescapable sound. Even with headphones on, I can hear it. It’s not the worst noise in the world, but it’s one of those things where when it does eventually go away, the peace and calm that come with that silence feels like being born. I mean, if being born were in any way relaxing for anyone, which—maybe? Probably not, but the point is that when an unwanted noise becomes a factor in my environment, my goal is to cover it up since I can’t escape it. It’s a feeling that I imagine is mostly unique to city living, and when I first moved to New York, I used ambient and drone to drown out everything. Replacing one sound with another isn’t exactly a solution, but it is a matter of control. You can create a cocoon that can at least help you modulate your surroundings. Mind Over Mirrors‘ “Memorander” is doing that right now with its endless mechanical pulse, it feels close to a heartbeat. Check Your Swing is out now on Hands in the Dark Records.

Stream: Mind Over Mirrors, “Memorander” (via Pitchfork)

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