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Stream Dream Boat's Album Eclipsing

A couple of months ago, a bunch of people got pretty excited when we posted a repetitive, fireside groove by Dream Boat, the Athens, GA duo of Page Campbell and Dan Donahue. Their debut LP, Eclipsing, comes out next Tuesday on Cloud Recordings, and it's kind of community affair, with guest contributions from Olivia Tremor Control/Circulatory System’s John Fernandez and Neutral Milk Hotel's Scott Spillane, among other local scene stalwarts, and an all-around, richly layered, grab-an-instrument-and-jump-in kind of vibe. It may be tempting to count how many different instruments you hear as you stream the album below, but we recommend allowing your imagination to float to whatever far-flung, candlelit, incense-heavy destination this music evokes for you, and sort of vaguely contemplating the mysteries of life.

Stream: Dream Boat's Eclipsing LP

Stream Dream Boat's Album Eclipsing