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Video: Jar Moff, "Commercial Mouth"

Jar Moff is a collage-inspired beatsmith from Athens, Greece who has an LP coming out next week on the consistently spot-on experimental Berlin label Pan. In addition to producing a fine Harold Grosskopf remix for last year's Synthesist/Re-Synthesist compilation on RVNG Intl., he's put out a few releases on Matthewdavid's Leaving Records imprint, sharing enough of a kinship with that artist's warped sample aesthetic to convince me momentarily that he was from the Los Angeles Beat scene. "Commercial Mouth," the title track of the Pan release, is a rhythmic scramble of scuzz, metallic clangs and free jazz saxophone, cut with some alluringly simple synth. Stream an excerpt from the track in this found footage video he created for it, noting that Jar Moff's music and the cringeworthy kitsch of Greek trash TV make for a strangely pleasing combination.

Video: Jar Moff, "Commercial Mouth"