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Video: Isaac Delusion, “Transistors”

December 04, 2012

Parisian duo Isaac Delusion released their very sincerely sweet, under-the-covers pop EP Early Morning last week in France, all soft bass and tiny drums. Got a good feeling this won't be the last you'll hear from these guys. This strange and amazing split-screen video for one of the EP's five tracks, "Transistors," was directed by Maximilien Franco; here's what the band had to say about it:

When the words are vain and only feelings are talking—this song is about transmissions traveling from one head to another, like radio waves. It's about two people being connected on the same frequency and without even knowing each other they are in constant communication. They travel on their own, lost in their ’50s style universe, out of time. They don't know each other but this connection makes them follow the same route and leads them to the same places. Now, is it strong enough to make them cross paths?

Posted: December 04, 2012
Video: Isaac Delusion, “Transistors”