Video: Io Echo, “Outsiders”

Io Echo, the LA duo who helped score a Harmony Korine short last year, borrow a few of the filmmakers’s fuzzy VHS tricks for the bizarrely sultry video for “Outsiders,” off their debut EP. This one stars frontwoman and Koto harpist Ioanna Gika in a custom Jeremy Scott hologram kimono, alongside a freaky Andy Warhol/Stephen Hawking hybrid. Niko the Ikon directs. Io Echo’s debut album is in the works for next year, out on IAMSOUND; they open for Bloc Party’s tour in January.

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  2. betsy says:


  3. Mary McCarthy says:

    I’ve never heard a Koto Harp before, this song is amazing.

  4. Strawberry says:

    Duncan Cooper, MVP of the Fader blog.

  5. Zane says:

    IO Echo is so underrated.

  6. Babs says:

    I like a few Io Echo songs, but they are just too damned pretentious for me to handle

  7. Paris says:

    To Babs…I’ve known Ioanna for many years. Every song she has written come from her own experience. This song, Outsiders, was written when her father was dying of a rare, incurable disease, which slowly took him away from her, first through language and communication, and then slowly but entirely. There is no pretense involved in losing the person you are closest to.

  8. Brad says:

    We’ve been following IO ECHO. Amazing new sounds, brilliant artistry.
    Unusual and beautiful. Want to hear more of them. Obviously smart kids.

  9. SarahW says:

    This song makes me cry. Makes my heart beat faster, flying out of my chest. And although I don’t know or need to know the details of her personal experience, I somehow know just what Ioanna is feeling. I’ve felt it too. That’s all I can ask of any artist – honest, successful communication from one soul to another. Thanks for the beautiful song!

  10. Glory says:

    Stunning song. I had read the singer got shortlisted by the acadamy for an oscar for another song she wrote recently. I looked it up. Also beautiful. Well done guys.