Peepholes, “Pinnacles” + Physical Therapy Remix MP3


Physical Therapy’s Daniel Fisher just sent in a very dreamy-sounding remix he did for Peepholes, a dark synth/drums duo from London that just put out a new full-length called The Overspill. With its commanding, German-accented vocals and tersely interwoven rhythmics, “Pinnacles” couples an almost militaristic precision with the occasional, yelping leap into the void. It’d be pretty hard to get more ominous than this song, and Physical Therapy took the opposite approach, softening some of its harsher edges while tripping out the structure even further: “I love Peepholes because everything about there sound is so physical and present,” he told us via email. “The album always feels like it is about to fall apart before your eyes, but manages to stay in that unhinged place, without ever crossing the line.” Grab The Overspill via Upset The Rhythm.

Peepholes, “Pinnacles” + Physical Therapy Remix MP3

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