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Video: Deptford Goth, "Union"

Have you ever wondered how many colorful helium balloons you'd have to hold onto at once in order to be lifted straight off the ground? At first, that's what I thought South London's Deptford Goth was trying to figure out with this video, but by the end, it seemed to be more of a nod to our psychic bonds with other people than a matter of straight-up escaping. It almost seems too easy to take images of a guy walking in a meadow and looking all-around really lost and depressed, pair them with lyrics about "being one" with everybody we have ever known, and expect the whole thing to give us that "we are all connected through the fundamental solitude that is the human condition feeling," but it works—so much so, that "Union" strikes that instant anthem chord. Life After Defo is out on March 19th, 2013 via Merok/Cooperative Music.

Video: Deptford Goth, "Union"