Meadham Kirchoff’s Christmas Bazaar Tees

December 12, 2012

Meadham Kirchoff trace their fashion roots back to camp icons like Courtney Love and 17th-century Baroque queens, so it's no surprise that the London design duo's favorite holiday is the most outlandishly decorated one of them all, Christmas—if Xmas is kitsch enough for John Waters to appreciate, it's probably a good fit for Ed Meadham and Ben Kirchoff. This weekend, they'll be hosting their very own Christmas bazaar filled with, we imagine, all kinds of sweet goodies, and they gave to Charlie Porter a sneak peak of some specialty tees that they crafted just for the occasion with rainbows and eyeballs and scary monsters that look like sugar cookies. Best of all, with the warmth of Christmas spirit, they promise they'll be priced as “a bargain.” If you're in London, check below for details.

4-8pm, 14th and 15th December
295-297 Haggerston Road

Posted: December 12, 2012
Meadham Kirchoff’s Christmas Bazaar Tees