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Casely-Hayford Rethinks the Rave

Though you might not know it right away from looking at the lookbook filled with suiting and set at an English mansion in the hills of Kent, father-son design duo Joe and Charlie Casely-Hayford were inspired by YouTube clips of rave culture for their spring 2013 collection. That's how CH rolls, though: it's never too obvious what subculture they're referencing, and their real skill is transforming the youthful DNA of London fashion into some of the most beautifully refined and elegant clothes on planet earth, much like they did season after season with their Afropunk collections that were inspired by kids they'd see around their neighborhood in East London. Here, they say it was their color sense that was most inspired by rave life, especially the beautiful fruit-salad print done on jackets and shirts, though you hardly have to be on MDMA to appreciate these looks. (ViaDazed Digital)

Casely-Hayford Rethinks the Rave