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Video: Digits, “Love Is Only Affection”

December 17, 2012

In this new video for Digits’ "Love Is Only Affection" an alien of seemingly Scandinavian origin crashes her spaceship and incurs a life-threatening lesion to the left side of her torso, from which oozes a fluid looking less like blood and more like the full-color black waste cup from a watercolors set. What seems to be killing her, though, is not the injury, but rather the images of love and lust she witnesses on this alien planet earth, which are so disturbing and empty. This sort of humanistic futurism fits perfectly well with Digits' sound, which is spare electro-pop infused with a soft, hooky warmth. Download the title track from Digits' self-released Love Is Only Affection EP, out February 26th.

Download: Digits, "Love Is Only Affection"

Posted: December 17, 2012
Video: Digits, “Love Is Only Affection”