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Stream: Azealia Banks, "BBD"

Hoping to spread "a little New Years Eve hype for the ladies maybe ??," Azealia Banks shared this new track in Monday's final hours of 2012. "BBD," short for the song's bad bitches do it refrain, may or may not appear on Banks' full-length Broke With Expensive Taste, set for a February 12th release. It's definitely not the album's first single, Banks clarified, writing, "The first OFFICIAL single from 'Broke With Expensive Taste' is called 'MISS AMOR' and its coming with a B side called 'MISS CAMARADERIE.'" If you'd like to sing along, Banks posted the songs lyrics on her Tumblr.

Stream: Azealia Banks, "BBD" (Prod. by Apple Juice Kid and Sup Doodle)

Stream: Azealia Banks, "BBD"