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Frank Ocean's License Confiscated After Speeding, Pot Bust

Frank Ocean was pulled over in Mono County, California, on Monday, reportedly for driving 90 in a 65 MPH zone. According to TMZ, a small bag of weed was found on Ocean's person, and his license was confiscated after cops cited him for possession, speeding, driving with a suspended license and tinted front windows. "Worst trip ever," Ocean wrote on Instagram, captioning from inside the squad car parked behind his BMW. Ocean was not detained, and his passenger drove the two away. A press release from the Mono County sheriff's office incorrectly identifies Ocean as a "rap artist." Earlier this week, gossip site Mediatakeout falsely reported that Ocean and his passenger had been detained by police following the traffic stop. "hi guys, i smoke pot. ok guys, bye…hi guys, i drive a m3. that bitch fast..ok guys, bye. :)," Ocean wrote on Twitter Thursday evening.

Read about Ocean's passion for cars in Matthew Schnipper's 2011 FADER cover story.

Frank Ocean's License Confiscated After Speeding, Pot Bust