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Casely-Hayford Reps Ice Hockey for London Men's Week

photographer Rory van Millingen

Sportswear seems to be in the air over in London, with more than a few designers sending sweatpants, sports jerseys and fur-trimmed parkas down the runway at this week's London Men's Fashion Week. But no one's done it with the refinement of father-son design duo Casely-Hayford, who, for fall's "KingsLand Knights" collection, incorporate the trend so subtlety into their well-tailored and singular aesthetic that you'd hardly even notice it was there (though the model's wearing hockey masks might be a clue). The duo say they were inspired by the way rappers like Snoop repped ice hockey teams in the ’90s. Still their inspiration isn't explicitly literal, and it's only on second glance that you start to notice that those bespoke trouser-shorts have the silhouette of a pair of athletic shorts and that a neoprene tunic resembles the shape of a uniform. Whatever the inspiration, we're rooting for these clothes come fall.

Casely-Hayford Reps Ice Hockey for London Men's Week