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Stream: Pyramid Vritra and Tyler Major, "1322/Rainbow"


"1322/Rainbow" is a six-minute track in two parts from Tyler Major and Hal Williams—Williams is also known as Pyramid Vritra, a member of not-entirely-rap-oriented Odd Future offshoot The Jet Age Of Tomorrow and one third of The Super 3 production group, along with Syd the Kid and Matt Martians. (To branch out the family tree even further, Major and Williams are also members of the at-least-ten-man collective Nobody Really Knows, and recently posted this song's lyrics to the crew's joint blog.) On "1322," the pair toss off fast but laconic raps about lakes and light shows, their delivery hugged close to the fidgety production like gummy sneakers on hot asphalt. Longer "Rainbow" is far airier, with muted horns and maraca shakes underscoring mellow brags like full tank, never running out of petrol and never heated when he speaking. Expect a new The Jet Age of Tomorrow album "way before spring," along with a new Pyramid Vritra album in "early/late spring."

Stream: Pyramid Vritra f. Tyler Major, "1322/Rainbow"

Stream: Pyramid Vritra and Tyler Major, "1322/Rainbow"