Video: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, “Furisodation”

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, the far-out Japanese pop singer I described only barely exaggeratedly in a recent essay as “the most exciting person making music and the new artist I care more than anyone about,” released “Furisodation” this morning. Simultaneously celebrating Japan and Kyary’s 20th birthday, the video showcases a very red and adorably choreographed drunken Last Supper; its title is a play on the word furisode, a formal kimono for unmarried women. Like all of her songs, “Furisodation” was produced and written by J-pop mastermind Yasutaka Nakata, and it comes out January 30th, along with Kyary’s as-yet unheard new theme song to the popular TV show Shin-chan, called “Kimi ni 100%,” and a presumably bizarre photo book about her becoming an “adult.”

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  1. SenzuriChampion says:

    haha wow I don’t wanna hate on another #taskforce hitta but I never expected to wake up to a KPP post on The Fader. Nakata needs to stop producing derivative tongue-in-cheek pop projects to feed his coke habit and get back to shit like CrazEEEE Skyhopper.

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  3. dk-internets says:

    Nice lil article :) I love Kyary!

  4. Bock Choy says:

    This hurts my eyes, ears, and soul.

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  6. kjluv says:

    my subconscious is now disturbed. thank you!